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ABC Field Service  Read endorsements www.ezinspections.com/abcFieldService
(This is a sample profile for the purpose of showing how custom company profile can be set up in EZinspections' field service directory. This is not a real company) San Francisco Bay Area inspection services company providing insurance and mortgage services inspections, and property preservation services to Insurance Companies, Brokers, Banks, and Mortgage Companies in California.

We are a locally owned inspection company specializing in personal service to our clients. Our company offers a wide variety of inspection services to meet your specific needs. We also do contractor work for other inspection companies.
Categories: IN
Company Type: Regional Field Service Co.
Yrs in Service: 10-20
Service Types: Mortgage, Insurance, Commercial,
Service Areas: AK: Aleutians East
AK: 99999
Contacts: 98
Additional Info: Mortgage inspection and insurance inspection
Profile Page: www.ezinspections.com/abcFieldService
Page Views: 31283
Last Updated: 04/20/2014
Last Verified: 04/22/2014
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8/13/2013   ABC Field Service Rocks!
By:  EZ Inspections & Preservation;  Relation: Vendor

We have been working for ABC Field Service. It has been a pleasant experience. Pricing and schedule are reasonable. Payment has been prompt. We highly recommend ABC Field Service!

7/30/2013   Test
By:  On-Time Field Services;  Relation: Other

Test again

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