Customer Testimonials

"We are very excited to be able to speak about our experience to date with EZ Inspections. The app is easy to understand, follow and complete. The comment area is easy to access and complete and the picture aspect to the program lends professionalism to the client presentation. Feedback from our clients is extremely positive. They love it! We are thrilled to be offering the EZ Inspections report to our clientele. We feel it really sets us apart from our competition. We look forward to utilizing this product for all of our interior and exterior inspection needs. "
"I have been doing high volume BPO's for over ten years. I have tested out pretty much every BPO software, and non BPO software there is. I had tried everything to customize the products out there to work with my BPO business. Every software I found was missing a major component. Until I found EZ. EZ had an amazing system in place that was redesigned to be the ultimate BPO & REO software.

Everything I had been looking for I found in this system. The support EZ provides is outstanding. Bring them an idea and they will do everything they can to implement it. I would recommend this company and product to anyone in the BPO or REO industry. Whether you are doing a few orders a month or thousands, this is the product for you!"
"We enjoy working with the EZ team as they are always willing to listen to us and accommodate our unique requirements based on our business model. Not only did they add custom features for us, they also enhanced their web services to satisfy our management process, which gives us a huge help and advantage over our competition.

The EZ support team is also an extremely valuable part of the whole experience. Unlike their competition, they are very quick to answer us, often exceeding our expectations within minutes. We are glad that we did the switch to EZ."
"Before we found EZinspections, we were drowning in paper work every week, and really struggling to keep on top of the work. The switch to EZinspections has literally turned our company around to the point that we are expanding our area to include two more states. The auto-sort and move to paperless has increased our efficiency ten-fold, and brought in a new era at the company. The support team at EZinspections is fantastic; they are prompt, courteous, and responsive, and I would recommend any and all companies seeking sorting and data entry help to give EZinspections a try. You will not be let down."
"It has been a pleasure working with the team at EZ Inspections. We have been working with them in developing new systems for our business and have been very pleased with the results thus far. Everything that we have asked of them has been completed on a timely basis and in a professional manner.

EZ Inspections' team of professionals has been available to us 24/7 without regard to evenings and weekends. When we have determined some modifications and changes are required it happens immediately. Prior companies would have us wait days and weeks for these changes to take place. They have never said they cannot do - it has always been positive and modifications take place immediately. We have a huge volume of inspections and cover multiple states. EZ Inspections has been an enormous help and we here at Sierra Field Services Inc. highly recommend their services."
"EZinspections has proven to me from the very beginning that they look out for customers' needs first, not by words, more importantly, by actions. In my numerous years in working with other software vendors, I have never had such a hands-on experience as I do with the team at EZinspections. They listen to the individual requests for all of their customers and make immediate modifications, as necessary, to suit the customer's requirements of the job. Their support team is diligent, patient, thorough, hard-working, attentive and most important, incredibly professional. All of my experiences thus far in working with the EZinspections team have blown every other software company out of the water with their customer service. EZinspections equates to everything being EZ, from the day to day field reps processes, to the office staff processes and most importantly in working with their own team!"
"Thank you for all your hard work. EZinspections has been such a blessing to our business. We truly appreciate it!"
"EZ Inspections provides an amazing tool to manage all parts of my inspections business. Our clients, contractors, and the order flow between them are all visible in one easy to navigate portal. My contractors can see all of their work on one site, and, using the EZ Win module, take all of our orders into the field electronically on their laptops and Android phones. I should have made the decision to work with EZ years ago, but I look forward to making up for that lost time! Thank you, Yan and EZ Inspections for the amazing resource you provide me and my network. "
"Before we began EZ, we used another software program that just didn't get us where we needed to be as a company. After beginning EZ with only one of our clients, it was like night and day. We are more organized and in turn, happier to come to work. Now we are looking to add our other clients because of the difference EZ has made. I would recommend EZ to anyone looking for a more organized option to do business. In addition, the customer service is awesome. Thank you EZinspections!! "
"Dear EZinspections staff,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express how amazing we at Inspection Center think EZinspections program is. I have worked with several of your competitors in the past and have never found a more willing and helpful staff.

We presented EZ with the task of finding a way to get all of our clients onto one system, including those that do not currently have websites and either fax or email all work in PDF attachments. This was the same task that was given to EZ’s competition. EZinspections was the only company that came back to us with a solution. By putting all of our clients on the same system EZ has afforded us the freedom to work away from the office, and our subcontractors more time to complete their work.

We have been using EZinspections for a little over two months and have already noticed a significant reduction in the time spent searching for inspections, photos, invoicing clients & paying subcontractors. We have also seen a decrease in deductions from all of our clients.

I could not recommend another system more sincerely.

Thank you, EZinspections! "
"EZinspections is a tremendous management tool. The client enters the insured's data while ordering the inspection. I never have to type in the name, address, policy number, etc..... With one click I can assign the inspection to the appropriate inspector.

My inspectors tell me that our system is the simplest and quickest system out of all the other inspection companies they do work for. The review process is quick and simple and with one click I can send the inspection report to the client.

EZinspections has streamlined my management process and saves me a couple of hours a day in processing time. Invoicing used to take an entire day and now I can use the integrated invoicing to generate invoices in a couple of hours. The inspector payment report saves another day in processing time. With one click I can print out a payment report for each inspector.

Using EZinspections enables us to offer our services at a very competitive rate which is essential in growing our business in a highly competitive environment.

I highly recommend EZinspections."


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