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EZ Inspections has joined Cmobo (pronounced like 'see mobile') to create a marketplace to connect service providers in many trades with customers such as national inspection companies, property maintenance and management companies, local realtors and homeowners.

You can advertise your services for free by creating your web profile. The marketplace is a free service to all field service clients and providers, not only clients of EZ Inspections. Potential clients, such as large field service companies, use the marketplace to search for service providers nationally.

The combined user base of EZ Inspections and Cmobo processes 9 million work orders a year (learn more about Cmobo). By signing up with EZ, you not only can advertise your services, but can also try out EZ's cloud-based management system that streamlines and automates your field service process. You can also try out EZmobile, the mobile app on iPhone/iPad or Android device to collect data in the field.

Our order download and result upload services to virtually all national mortgage field service companies save our clients hours of time a day! Join us and start automating now.

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