Introduction to EZ Article Series
Tim Doehner
EZ Inspections is the leading cloud and mobile software provider in mortgage field services as well as other property-related industries, automating one million work orders a month in areas such as mortgage inspection,  property preservation,  insurance inspection, rental property field services, vacation rental field services, bpo management, among others.
One of EZ's goals is to ensure our users are the most knowledgeable in the industry by providing education and information that will allow each user to exceed their clients' expectations. The following are a few questions that are concerning our users.

-  How to improve my compliance, such as Aspen Grove check-in percentage?

-  How to ensure my inspectors do their jobs timely and meet client requirements?

-  How to quickly train new inspectors?

-  How to find new customers and grow my business?

To that end, we will begin a regular series of articles on topics including:

•  HUD and GSE guidelines

•  Inspection and property preservation best practices

•  Quality control

•  Managing your business through analytics using EZ Inspections' reports

•  Vendor regulatory compliance

These articles will be written from a user's perspective and will use not only the author's experience but also topics that are trending today from trade publications and industry resources.
We realize that our users face many challenges today from lower order volumes, increased compliance regulations and on-going pricing pressure from clients. We are excited to have Tim Doehner, a thirty-year industry veteran, to write this series of articles, and hope that the information will help each of your businesses become more efficient, competitive and profitable.
In order to engage our users more thoroughly, we encourage you to send us ideas for topics that are of interest to you, together with comments and questions. Helping you focus on a winning strategy for your business is the ultimate goal that we are trying to achieve.
About the author:  Tim Doehner began his field service career over thirty years ago. During that time he served as executives of national and regional field service companies, leader of NAMFS (National Association of Mortgage Field Services), and owner/president of a full service field service company. His longest tenure began with Universal Mortgage Services which is known today as ServiceLink Field Services. While at UMSI and its successors, Tim had the opportunity to hold a number of senior management positions. After a twenty-three year association with the company, Tim left to become Executive Director of the NAMFS for four years, after which he accepted the role of Director of Operations in a large Southeast Regional preservation company. For the past two years Tim has owned Cardinal Inspection Services LLC in northeast Ohio. Tim joined EZ Inspections in May 2017 as Vice President of Client Services.