Field Service Management – It's Easy to Become Paperless
By Yan Zang

It is amazing how much the Internet has changed our world.  No industry has remained unchanged since the onset of this monumental force. The Field Inspection business is no exception; moving to a fully paperless, web-based model is only a click away. 

Ken Taylor, ARCO's Newsletter Editor, asked in the March 2006 issue: 'Where is the Easy Button when we need it?' Terry Sluzewski, ARCO's President, discussed in the December 2006 issue that it was a big task by itself to search for the Easy Button.

Is the Internet the answer to the Easy Button question?

Consider this: wouldn't it be great if...
  1. Your clients send orders to your secure online management system;
  2. Your orders are automatically dispatched to inspectors based on coverage area;
  3. Inspectors automatically receive jobs on their mobile devices;
  4. Inspectors fill in data on the mobile device, take photos, draw sketches, and send all of the items to your online account wirelessly from the field;
  5. Your company administrator receives the completed jobs in the online account, and after carrying out quality assurance, clicks a single button to submit the final reports with required attachments and replacement calculations to clients in their preferred formats;
  6. At the end of each month, invoices and pay stubs are automatically generated;
  7. Historic jobs, invoices and pay stubs are available online to your clients and inspectors to review.

Even better, what if the system was customized with your logo, graphics and specifications? And wouldn't it be just perfect if the system did not cost you any money?

You must be saying 'this is all baloney; nothing is free'. Well, you are right on that fact, nothing is for free, but there is a system that comes close. This system does all of the above at a fraction of what companies traditionally pay for an inspection management solution.

This system is EZinspections.

EZinspections is a web-based inspection management system that seamlessly integrates with your own web site. You can upload custom logo and graphics, and have users login from your web site. Consider EZinspections the backend order, dispatch and reporting module of your own web site without the cost or the hassle of supporting a custom-built system.

EZinspections is a full-featured inspection management system that enables end-to-end paperless process for the insurance loss control industry. It is not free, but it only costs you as low as 15 cents per inspection .

Larry Harris of Insurance in Richmond, Virginia, says:

' is a tremendous management tool. The client enters the insured's data while ordering the inspection. I never have to type in the name, address, policy number, etc..... With one click I can assign the inspection to the appropriate inspector.

My inspectors tell me that our system is the simplest and quickest system out of all the other inspection companies they do work for. The review process is quick and simple and with one click I can send the inspection report to the client. has streamlined my management process and saves me a couple of hours a day in processing time. Invoicing used to take an entire day and now I can use the integrated invoicing to generate invoices in a couple of hours. The inspector payment report saves another day in processing time. With one click I can print out a payment report for each inspector.

Using enables us to offer our services at a very competitive rate which is essential in growing our business in a highly competitive environment.'

Where is the Easy Button? I would argue that the answer lies in the Internet.

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About the Author

Yan Zang is the founder and president of Harmonisoft Inc., which owns and operates EZ Inspections and Preservation, the leading cloud and mobile-based inspection and property preservation software system . EZ was launched in 2005 and grew to serve 40,000 users in multiple field service industries and process over 8 million work orders a year.

Before founding Harmonisoft, Yan spent eight years in Silicon Valley serving in engineering and management positions in multiple high-tech companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer software.

Yan graduated from Peking University in Beijing, China, and received his M.S. from Rutgers University in New Jersey, and his Ph. D. from Stanford University in California.

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